the h4d station

a doctor's office next to you

H4D Consult Stations replicate a medical doctor's office and allows physicians to perform live reliable consultations.

The stations also allow to self-perform health check-ups as part of individual or collective prevention programs, as well as monitor acute or chronic diseases.

These convenient and easily accessible health care booths are patented and fully certified Medical Devices.

on-location connected doctor's office

A comprehensive end-to-end solution: Medical Service + Technology

Using technology to improve access to healthcare,

while addressing key requirements

Quality and Security

for the patient, for the physician


Maintaining a unique and private patient-physician relationship


A mobile unit that can be located in variable settings


Autonomous and easy use for all

available features

The H4D Consult Statins are autonomous medical units replicating a medical doctor's office operated through a unique, fully certified technology.

H4D e-health booths come in two modes


which allows a doctor to carry out a remote consultation, guided by the monitoring of vital parameters measured by the booth


which allows doctors, in a preventive setting or when following up on chronic illnesses, to track patients’ physiological parameters remotely and to act rapidly if necessary


For Patients

● Convenience: Easy access to a Physician
● High quality medical service: Broad scope of conditions treated
● Experience: Comfortable, intuitive ergonomics; the closest to an in-person visit

For Physicians

● Quality, evidence-based practice: Certified medical device ensuring qualified medical data
● Comprehensive data: Broad functional scope through comprehensive set of medical instruments and peripherals
● Connection with patients: Existing or new; acute or chronic conditions

For Organizations

● Flexible: Small footprint for easy installation in many locations and settings; proprietary software for easy integration in existing organization
● Easy to operate: Onsite operation requires no medical or paramedical qualifications
● Cost effective: A fraction of the cost of an on-site clinic

supporting evidence-based medicine

The H4D Consult Station provides both physicians and patients the closest experience to an in-person visit

Comparisn of in-person vs. telemedicine consultation

The American College of Physicians “recommends that telemedicine be held to the same standards of practice as if the physician were seeing the patient in-person” (09/08/2015)

* Analysis based on evaluation of 274 reasons for a doctor’s visit in France

A professional, patented and certified solution

● H4D ecosystem (Consult Station, medical software, patient website) certified as a Medical Device (CE class IIa; Canada certification; FDA certification in progress)

● ISO 13485 certified organization

● HL7 compliance for interoperability

The H4D consult station™

A Doctor’s Office Next to You

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